AEC Illuminazione packages and protects its public lighting products with cushionPaper™

2023-01-19T16:05:32+01:0019 January 2023|Co-Marketing|

Intervista a Giacomo Bianchi, Operation Manager di AEC Illuminazione, che evidenzia i punti di forza di cushionPaper nella sostituzione della plastica nel packaging.

Sustainable furnishing accessories: how Rippotai marries the Circular Economy

2022-07-13T15:35:25+01:0012 July 2022|Success stories|

From design to use, from reuse to recycling. Respect for the environment and people unites Rippotai and cushionPaper™, a new product and packaging partnership in the name of complete sustainability.

Can’t Wait by Caoscreo: can eco-sustainable packaging wait?

2022-12-01T13:47:57+01:0015 June 2022|Success stories|

Caoscreo, a brand of Terenzi Srl - TGroup chooses cushionPaper™ for its green packaging of Can't Wait, a cute wall clock that reminds us of the classic cuckoos. It uses a sturdy external box and 2 sheets of cushionPaper.

Planium’s amazing Metal-morphosis collection together with cushionPaper at Milan Design Week 2022

2022-07-04T06:50:05+01:0026 May 2022|Success stories|

On 8 June at the dOT - Design Outdoor Taste, for the Brera Design District Design Week, in San Marco in Milan, the presentation "Metal-morphosis: oxidized metals for Superfici Uniche by Planium" will be held.

Together with the Union Cart Consortium for an increasingly green and sustainable future

2022-07-04T06:45:45+01:0019 April 2022|Co-Marketing|

Agreement with the longest-running reality in the sector, based on a network of distributors active throughout the national territory.

Champagne and Champagne Rosé, the GLUGULP eCommerce! at full speed together with the cushionPaper ™ packaging

2022-02-07T10:04:59+01:007 February 2022|Success stories|

GLUGULP! The online store dedicated to Champagne chooses cushionPaper™ to pack and protect the precious bottles.

Azienda Agraria e Frantoio Ronci protects its special olive oil with cushionPaper ™ to ship bottles and cans safely

2022-01-21T12:34:43+01:0020 January 2022|Success stories|

A high quality, extra virgin and organic olive oil, respects the environment thanks also to eco-sustainable packaging

A packaging that protects designer candles and exclusive fragrances? Now it’s possible with cushionPaper ™

2022-09-07T15:36:30+01:0021 December 2021|Success stories|

cushionPaper™ protects Aina Kari, scented home decor candles, a new expression of sustainable Made in Italy.

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