Champagne and Champagne Rosé, the GLUGULP eCommerce! at full speed together with the cushionPaper ™ packaging

2022-02-07T10:04:59+01:007 February 2022|Storie di successo|

GLUGULP! The online store dedicated to Champagne chooses cushionPaper™ to pack and protect the precious bottles.

Azienda Agraria e Frantoio Ronci protects its special olive oil with cushionPaper ™ to ship bottles and cans safely

2022-01-21T12:34:43+01:0020 January 2022|Storie di successo|

A high quality, extra virgin and organic olive oil, respects the environment thanks also to eco-sustainable packaging

A packaging that protects designer candles and exclusive fragrances? Now it’s possible with cushionPaper ™

2021-12-21T12:28:12+01:0021 December 2021|Storie di successo, Uncategorized|

cushionPaper™ protects Aina Kari, scented home decor candles, a new expression of sustainable Made in Italy.

FiammettaV signs its precious collections of marble objects with cushionPaper™

2021-10-18T13:41:00+01:0018 October 2021|Storie di successo|

FiammettaV is attentive to the sustainability of production and to the protection of the environment. For this reason it has decided to pack its precious marble products with cushionPaper™

The Semantic Eco-Network: even refurbished hardware marries eco-sustainable packaging

2021-07-05T13:52:58+01:005 July 2021|Uncategorized|

Semantic is the first Italian independent distributor of guaranteed new and refurbished ICT material, from today it uses cushionPaper to pack and protect the products that need to be shipped.

Azienda Agricola Reggiana eliminates plastic and makes packaging eco-sustainable thanks to cushionPaper

2021-05-27T10:32:09+01:0027 May 2021|Uncategorized|

Azienda Agricola Reggiana, realtà emiliana fondata nel 1988 e vincitrice di 6 medaglie d'oro al recente Concorso Nazionale dei Vini di Pramaggiore, ha scelto i prodotti per imballaggio della linea cushionPaper™ di Grifal per custodire, movimentare e spedire in sicurezza le sue bottiglie di pregiato vino.

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