We are in Subbiano, in the province of Arezzo (Italy), guests of AEC Illuminazione which tells us why this reality is so renowned on the public lighting and industrial interiors market, as well as appreciated both in Italy and worldwide; to receive us Giacomo Bianchi, Operation Manager of AEC Illuminazione.

AEC Illuminazione mainly deals with public lighting and manages the entire process right from the product concept. It is a company that has reached an international reach, in fact exports represent 60% of turnover, starting from a very rooted presence in the Tuscan territory.

We have deepened our knowledge of a company that looks to the future, which continuously develops new products and technological solutions. The goal is to replace the old public lighting with high efficiency LEDs: innovation and sustainability are the point of contact with Grifal and cushionPaper.

How did the need to adopt cushionPaper™ come about?


AEC Illuminazione designs its products in such a way that they have minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycle.

“We are very satisfied with cushionPaper because we have managed to completely eliminate any type of plastic packaging between the product and the outer box,” confirms Giacomo Bianchi.

Is it possible to take stock of this experience?

“On the operational side, cushionPaper is easier to use than plastic because packaging products such as bubble wrap are difficult to mould. Corrugated cardboard, on the other hand, adapts easily to our products and also cuts very well.
Even with a view to creating the packaging for a product that needs to be shipped quickly, having a simple and quick solution for our operators is a very important advantage.”