cushionPaper ™ reinvents corrugated cardboard and wins the challenge of sustainability with respect to all products currently used for packaging. At the same volume, it reduces CO2 emissions, avoids problems related to disposal and reduces the amount of paper needed to make a corrugated cardboard sheet by up to 70%.

Thanks to its innovative shape produced by a revolutionary technology, cushionPaper ™ responds in an exceptional way to all packaging needs:

cushionPaper imballi protezione cushionPaper imballi separazione cushionPaper imballi bloccaggio cushionPaper imballi avvolgimento cushionPaper imballi riempimento
Protection Separation locking Wrapping Filling

Replace plastic with cushionPaper™ products for packaging and packaging: discover the eco-sustainable alternative to bubble film, polystyrene, air bags, foams and polyurethane foam.

It is made with a production system that creates waves from 10 to 20 mm high and generates up to 50% more corrugation than traditional corrugated cardboard. The result is a material with unparalleled characteristics.

    • Extreme flexibility
    • Adaptation to any shape
    • Shock absorbing properties
    • Shock and vibration resistance
    • Longitudinal compressive strength

It is extremely flexible and easily adapts to products of any shape, even with an irregular profile. But not only. At the same time a high resistance to longitudinal compression, along the axis of the waves, to the point that it allows to block the heavier products in the shipping containers.

The advantages of cushionPaper ™

By choosing cushionPaper ™ you help us to save CO2 emissions

Scegliendo cushionPaper™ ci aiuti a risparmiare emissioni di CO2

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