cushionPaper Strips

cushionPaper Strips is the green alternative to plasticfoam adhesive pads and cushions for eco-friendly shockabsorption and protection.

It’s a solution that can be applied to nearly any surface:
• simply to use
• to be applied only to the critical points where the product comes into contact with the external packaging
• reduces the amount of material needed for filling and protecting objects, cutting down the time required to complete the packaging process.


Strips are adhesive strips made of protective and cushioning cushionPaper, available in uncoated paper or with a polyethylene coating. Adhesive backing is exposed by peeling away the protective film.
Remove the protective film and apply the cushionPaper Strips onto any surface of the product that you would like to protect from damage during storage and shipping. The polyethylene coated version is anti-scratch so it is suitable for applications where abrasion could damage the product.

Applications and Sustainability

cushionPaper Strips can be used as spacers and for protecting:
• products with protrusions or irregular shapes
• products made of hard materials such as wood
• and metal large or heavy products, even if used
just on the most exposed or delicate points

Indirectly, cushionPaper Strips also provide additional protection for workers involved in packaging and transport stages who need to handle and move products and packaging.

Life Cycle Assessment

The LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), carried out by a third-party certifying body, has shown that cushionPaper is up to 80% more eco-friendly than traditional plastic and standard corrugated cardboard materials.
By significantly reducing CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process of cushionPaper, this benefit is passed on to the packaged items, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility from the production line to the end consumer.

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