New changes to the environmental contribution for packaging, effective from July 1, 2023. The increases will have a significant impact, particularly for plastic categories A1.2, A2, and B2.2.

The increase in the CAC – CONAI Environmental Contribution – on plastic highlights the Consortium’s commitment to promoting more sustainable packaging management. Let’s take a closer look at what it entails and why it is important.

Sharp increases for plastic packaging.

  • CATEGORY A1.2 (e.g., HDPE bottles)
    For plastic packaging in category A1.2, currently subject to a contribution of €60.00/t, the new contribution will reach €90.00/t, representing a substantial increase of 50%.
  • CATEGORY A2 (e.g., bubble wrap and other air-filled bags)
    Similarly, for plastic packaging in category A2, currently subject to a contribution of €150.00/t, there will be a 46.7% increase, bringing the new contribution to €220.00/t.
  • CATEGORY B2.2 (e.g., flexible PE packaging, foam protective elements)
    Plastic packaging in category B2.2 will see the CONAI contribution rise from €410.00/t to €477.00/t, an increase of 16.3%.

The case of paper and the unfair comparison between cushionPaper and bubble wrap or polystyrene.

No increases are planned for paper and cardboard packaging: the numbers remain unchanged as of January 1, 2023. cushionPaper falls within category 1 of the CONAI classification and is recyclable according to the Aticelca 501/19 Level B method.


Fascia CONAI



CAC dal 01.01.23

CAC dal 01.07.23


Pluriball A2 Oltre al pluriball, questa fascia include numerosi imballi flessibili come i film e i diversi sacchetti d’aria. 150,00 €/t 220,00 €/t +46,7%
Polistirolo B2.2 Oltre al polistirolo, per qualsiasi utilizzo dalle cassette ai riempitivi, questa fascia alcuni prodotti come borse, coperchi ed etichette. 410,00 €/t 477,00 €/t +16,3%
Carta 1 Base monomateriale e imballaggi compositi di tipo A e B Tipo A: componente carta >= 90% e < 95%(es. cushionPaper)

Tipo B: componente carta >= 80% e < 90%

5,00 €/t 5,00 €/t =
Carta 2 CPL Contenitori compositi per i liquidi 25,00 €/t 25,00 €/t =
Carta 3 Imballaggi compositi di tipo C Tipo C: componente carta >= 60% e < 80% 115,00 €/t 115,00 €/t =
Carta 4 Imballaggi compositi di tipo D Tipo D: componente carta <60% 245,00 €/t 245,00 €/t =