In Inarzo, near Varese, the Mirabilia Dei Social Cooperative was established in 2006, but the experience of integrating disabled individuals into the workforce began as early as 1982.

Martina and Mariano Crosta are among the individuals responsible for this social-assistance organization that contributes to the support and inclusion of these individuals. They develop initiatives such as Wine For Good, which actively involves them.

“Wine For Good” was born four years ago, then what happens on Christmas 2022?

“In the beginning, we would select and distribute wine labels,” Martina tells us. “Last year, we saw the importance and potential of this initiative grow, and for the first time, the opportunity to ensure the safe shipment of the bottles also emerged. We studied and researched a packaging solution that could be customized and aligned with our needs.”


What were you looking for in a packaging product?

In addition to the possibility of customizing the material and its use, as Martina anticipated, versatility was essential for us, explains her brother Mariano. cushionPaper allowed us to overcome several issues encountered with other packaging products, with manageability being the most important, as our disabled individuals can easily use it. This enabled us to integrate cushionPaper into the packaging process. Furthermore, we would never choose a material that is environmentally unfriendly, so the demonstration of eco-sustainability of these sheets and rolls convinced us.


The Mirabilia Dei Social Cooperative purchases cushionPaper from Verbano Carte. Thanks to Mirabilia Dei and all the individuals working on Wine For Good for safeguarding the environment together with us!