cushionPaper Profiles

cushionPaper Profiles provide maximum protection for edges and surfaces against impacts, compression, scratches, or slips that may occur during the handling, storage, and transportation of goods.

Cushioning: take advantage of the thickness of the material
Sustainable: up to 80% less CO2 production compared to traditional cardboard and plastics
Multipurpose: replace L-shaped expanded polyurethane profiles, but can also be used inside the box as filler, separator, general protection, wall reinforcement, tops and bottoms
Easy: they are simple and quick to use
Versatile: adapts to products of any size, shape and material (e.g., automotive, design, lighting…)
Space-saving: delivered in small-sized rolls, that are lightweight and easy to handle
Customizable: cut and use only the length needed, eliminate waste
Adhesive: in the adhesive-backed version, peel away the protective film for precision placement and maximum protection

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Super Protection

cushionPaper Profiles is a safe and usable packaging that can be cut to size with a standard box cutter.

cushionPaper Profiles save material and reduce costs:
• only one layer is needed, no additional components required
• minimizes the labor time required for packaging
• up to 70% less raw material needed to produce an equivalent thickness with other materials

Applications and Sustainability

cushionPaper Profiles are ideal for protecting:
• sharp or beveled edges
• fragile products or products with delicate surfaces
• large and/or heavy products

Both the regular and adhesive versions can be used as a void filler in boxes and shipping containers.
Furniture: kitchen countertops, tables and desks, wardrobes, mirrors, windows, artworks
Automotive: windshields, rear windows, sheet metal, spare parts
Appliances: TVs, white goods
Electronics: tablets, industrial and medical monitors
Industry and Commerce: worktops, components, panels and siding, display cases
Machinery and other objects, including heavy, sharp or with exposed edges, made from hard materials such as glass, wood or metal.

Life Cycle Assessment

The LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), carried out by a third-party certifying body, has shown that cushionPaper is up to 80% more eco-friendly than traditional plastic and standard corrugated cardboard materials.
By significantly reducing CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process of cushionPaper, this benefit is passed on to the packaged items, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility from the production line to the end consumer.

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