cushionPaper Bottles

cushionPaper Bottles is the fast, easy and sustainable solution to pack and protect bottles. Made from 100% recycled paper, it’s designed to be used for EU standard 75 cl bottles up to 330 mm in height. It is robust enough to be reused several times before being recycled in any normal paper recycling program.

With cushionPaper Bottles you can safely store and ship wine, champagne, olive oil, liqueurs and other liquids typically contained in glass bottles.

You can use this solution to also safely send preserves, jams, honey and other bottled food products, depending on the size and shape of the jars.

cArtù Bottle Saver

The advantages of the cushionPaper Bottles are numerous:

Compared to traditional corrugated cardboard:

  • cushionPaper has remarkably more cushioning capacity;
  • it’s much lighter when comparing equal volumes of material; and
  • the box can be packed quickly and easily, with no time wasted on assembly.

Compared to EPS:

  • cushionPaper reduces the volume of the packaging;
  • it’s easier to responsibly dispose of; and
  • elicits the “wow effect” during the unboxing!

Complies with ISTA 3A specifications

ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) is the international body that defines standard packaging test protocols.

These protocols are designed to reproduce the typical mechanical and climatic stresses that a shipping container will undergo during its normal handling, storage and transport cycle, with the goal to certify the quality of the protective packaging being tested.

cArtù® Bottle Saver complies with the ISTA 3A procedures, the standard which includes a series of tests:

  • Atmospheric pre-conditioning
  • Sequences of falls and vibrations
  • 15 different drops from a height of 46 cm
  • 2 different falls from a height of 91 cm
  • random vibrations, with and without load
  • Final integrity check


The LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) analysis performed by an independent certification body has shown that cArtù® is up to 80% more environmentally friendly than traditional plastic and normal corrugated cardboard packaging materials.

The production of cArtù® drastically cuts CO2 emissions and this value is reflected in the packaging products made with cArtù® and to the packaged products themselves, extending this respect for the environment from the supply chain to the final customer.

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