Klover Srl Italia is a renowned family business whose history begins in the early ’70s in San Bonifacio, in the province of Verona, within a context of great economic vitality. The passion for work, strong determination, and the desire to grow, passed down from father to son, have transformed what was once a small artisanal company into an advanced entrepreneurial reality esteemed in Italy and in the main international markets for its quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Klover’s core business is the 100% Made in Italy production of fireplaces, stoves, boilers, and kitchens, both pellet and wood-burning: all products that require special cushioning protection, especially on corners and edges, to prevent damage that could accidentally occur during handling, transportation, and storage of the products.

To best protect edges and surfaces, Klover has chosen cushionPaper™ Profiles. Gledis Hysenaj, Research and Development Manager at Klover, and Nicola Bressan, Technical Manager, provided detailed information on this. They welcomed us to the company to explain their packaging needs from an eco-sustainable perspective and to show us how they use cushionPaper profiles to meet these requirements.

“Previously, for the packaging of our machines, we used profiles and panels made of plastic and polystyrene; now, with cushionPaper™ Profiles, we have transitioned to using a highly performing and cushioning material. Thanks to the product’s cut, we can bend it at 90° to protect the corners of a kitchen during transportation. With cushionPaper Profiles, we are also able to protect the front part of the kitchen without folding the product but by using it as support.”

Watch the complete interview to learn more about Klover’s environmental responsibility, packaging choices, and future projects:

Klover purchases cushionPaper™ Profiles from Mondal Verona Imballaggi, an authorized distributor with over 30 years of experience in the packaging and adhesive tapes sector.

A special thanks to Gledis, Nicola, and the entire Klover team for their hospitality and for choosing cushionPaper Profiles as a viable alternative to the use of plastic.