cushionPaper Box

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cushionPaper Boxes provide extraordinary cushioning capacity for unmatched protective performance compared to standard boxes.

Compared to the traditional corrugated cardboard:
• Significantly superior cushioning capacity
• Up to 70% lighter for the same volume of protective material
• Greater resistance to impacts and compression
• Fewer product breakages and returns
• Less paper and energy used
• Up to 80% less CO2 production

The new cushioning box

cushionPaper Box is the solution for packaging and shipping products with peace of mind. From moving to eCommerce, the use cases are endless.
cushionPaper Boxes are available flat-packed, saving as much space as possible for logistics purposes. Customizations in sizes and prints may be available, depending on quantities. cushionPaper Box protects a wide variety of products from the shocks and drops that inevitably occur The new cushioning box during multiple cycles of storage, shipping, and delivery.

The end customer receives a lightweight, functional, highly protective container with a refined design and graphics, featuring an
appealing and eco-chic aesthetic. cushionPaper Boxes are ultra-durable, can be reused multiple times, and can be easily recycled in standard paper waste collection.


The dimensions of cushionPaper Boxes, available in 40 cm and 60 cm sizes, are among the most common formats for storing and transporting small to mediumsized products.

Once the box is assembled, it is easily palletizable. The inherent cushioning function of the box itself reduces or eliminates the need for interior packaging materials to fill, block and protect products during transport, cutting down on preparation time and costs.

Life Cycle Assessment

An independent study showed that cushionPaper is up to 80% more sustainable compared to other packaging materials such as traditional corrugated cardboard and plastics.
Each cushionPaper Box is made from certified, recycled, and recyclable paper — a perfect fit for the circular economy.

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