We have come to visit Dalfilo, a company that produces handmade linen for the home.

Giorgio Capponi is the Retail Manager of Dalfilo which is based in a textile district of excellence: Val Gandino is one of the places in the Bergamo area with the strongest tradition in the processing of fabric and cotton in particular.

Giorgio tells us how Dalfilo was born a few years ago precisely to, in the post-Covid situation, help small artisans get out of the crisis and bring what is a product, usually used for hotels, also to the final consumer.

What kind of packaging did you use before cushionPaper?


“Our core business is e-commerce, so for these kinds of shipments, we had our own special packaging. We then learned about Grifal and the cushionPaper™ line of products thanks to our collaboration with the Coin retail chain. We are present in 13 department stores throughout the country and Coin wanted us to eliminate the polystyrene from our in-store packaging.

We have chosen to use your product because it is certainly more ecological but also because it has helped us in terms of logistics, production and storage. With cushionPaper™ we are able to optimize warehouse space, the performance of the product itself is much more in line with what we want to achieve as a company.”


We’re approaching Black Friday: what are your plans for the future of Dalfilo?


“We recently launched the winter line consisting of two new colors: olive and terracotta — colors that are trending this year.

Soon we will open a new corner in the Coin in Venice-Mestre, bringing our total to 13 stores. We have also expanded our product line from simple bedding to sofa covers and even down jackets for winter. We are always expanding our offer to go beyond household linen: not only bed and bathroom but also other spaces in the house.”

Dalfilo purchases its packaging materiale from Pelizzari Luigi Srl, a supplier of packaging materials and an authorized distributor of cushionPaper™.