We are in Albino, in the province of Bergamo, at F.lli Belotti. Alessandro Belotti, the company’s president, welcomes us. F.lli Belotti has been producing food preserves since 1967. Founded by Alessandro’s grandfather, the company has undergone transformations over the years and currently specializes in the production of pickles and preserved oils, which are the main product lines in the market.


The preserves are made with high-quality raw materials, and the company is capable of supplying various market segments, including traditional stores, large-scale distribution, and the restaurant industry, with over 30 products all packaged and produced within the same facility in Albino.

In the past five years, F.lli Belotti has been making significant investments in sustainability. Taking the lead in this area is Nicola Belotti, the Marketing Manager of the company and representative of the fourth generation of the Belotti family.


And it is Nicola Belotti, the President’s son, who explains why they have seen cushionPaper™ as a green and sustainable choice:

“We chose cushionPaper because it is sustainable. Once the product is removed, all the packaging is disposed of in paper and therefore recycled. It also helps with space management since it occupies less space compared to polystyrene, which in turn has a smaller impact on transportation.”

F.lli Belotti purchases cushionPaper from Pelizzari Luigi Srl – Suppliers of packaging products and materials.

Thank you, F.lli Belotti, for joining us in preserving the environment!