Product sustainability and Circular Economy, two concepts that link information technology and packaging?

At first glance, perhaps, it is not the combination that everyone expects when it comes to servers and other electronic devices. Yet it is the very foundation upon which the Semantic Eco-Network grows every year. Reference point of refurbished hardware, Semantic is the first Italian independent distributor of guaranteed new and refurbished ICT material. For 15 years with Eco-Rete, the focus has been on extending the life of technological infrastructures and reducing the environmental impact.

notebook imballato con cushionpaper
Schede di rete imballate con cushionpaper

The secret lies in the care of the supply chain. Not very useful, and for many also questionable from an ethical and aesthetic point of view, to talk about reuse and recycling of products and then sell them wrapped in three layers of bubble film or drowned in polystyrene. Or transport them on trucks that pollute three times as much as a train. Consequently, Eco-Rete selects its partners on the basis of sustainability criteria consistent with its business vision. This is the case of couriers who use electric vehicles for deliveries: why should packaging be an exception?

notebook avvolto in cushionpaper
confezione chiusa e riempimento in cushionpaper

Semantic refurbished and warranted networking, telecommunications and data center products are now packaged and protected with the use of cushionPaper ™.

“It is a simple and ready-to-use solution that has reinvented corrugated cardboard – explains Riccardo D’Auria, Executive Managing Director of ratioform – TAKKT Group, multinational specialized in the sale of industrial packaging and authorized cushionPaper ™ distributor – and above all comes from FSC® and PEFC ™ certified raw materials. An essential requirement if we want to talk about respect for forests and cutting CO2 emissions. “

“We are happy to have identified ratioform as a partner for our packaging – confirms Andrea Menalli, Founder of Semantic – especially for the advice provided when choosing the ideal packaging for our products, helping us to find the perfect solution in terms of sustainability and efficiency . “