Since 1967 Terenzi Srl is the S. Giuliano Milanese company specialized in the processing of metals and plastics. Today it has become the progenitor of TGroup, a design and production heart that has expanded its sphere of activity also in the sectors of ennobled surfaces, design and lighting, furnishing accessories in recyclable materials.

In 2020 Terenzi started a new fascinating project: the creation of design objects that are representative of our cities, icons capable of bringing Milan, Paris and many other famous skylines into our homes.

Eleonora Terenzi, TGroup’s Head of Image and Communication, tells us why the choice of green packaging that accompanies the new Skylight product line:

“For Skylight we wanted to find the best alternative to the classic plastics often used in packaging. We chose cushionPaper ™ because it is a recyclable solution, attentive to the environment, perfect in appearance and in line with the design of our products: it protects and enhances them at the same time “.

cushionPaper ™ combines characteristics of high resistance and versatility of use. Its waves are up to 50% higher than traditional corrugated cardboard on the market and generate a much greater damping capacity. cushionPaper ™ is supplied to Terenzi by Ratioform, a business partner with an international presence and specialized in the distribution of packaging.

imballo skylight terenzi con cushionPaper™
infografica riduzione co2 cushionPaper™