A minimal and functional design, Made in Carrara, which finds its perfect partner in the protective, light and eco-sustainable material for the packaging made by Grifal and supplied to FiammettaV by Soffici Sergio Srl.

Since 1818, the Vanelli family has dedicated itself to Carrara marble and to all the artistic variations of this unsurpassed material, the undisputed pride and universally recognized symbol of our country. After numerous experiences in Italy and around the world, from entrepreneurship to patronage to training, in 2017 Fiammetta Vanelli created FiammettaV Home Collection.

An exclusive line of collections and capsules for the bathroom, kitchen, design and furnishings, jewelry and pets, united by an innovative concept of circular economy applied to marble characterized by different processes and luxury designs.


New life for marble, new eco-sustainable packaging

FiammettaV is attentive to the sustainability of production and the protection of the environment: for these reasons it uses marble processing waste, otherwise destined to be destroyed, to produce design and art objects.

It is the theme of reuse and recycling, the common denominator of the choice to replace the previous packaging by switching to cushionPaper™, identified thanks to the offer of the authorized distributor Soffici Sergio Srl.


Much more in line with the philosophy of FiammettaV and immediately appreciated by demanding customers who buy online especially from abroad, cushionPaper ™ reinvents corrugated cardboard and wins the challenge of sustainability compared to all the most common products used for packaging.
With the same volume compared to the most popular packaging products, cushionPaper ™:

drastically reduces CO2 emissions during production
avoids problems related to disposal because – after all possible re-uses – it can be disposed of in the normal separate collection of paper
reduces the amount of paper needed to make a corrugated cardboard sheet by up to 70%.

infografica riduzione co2 cushionPaper™