The love for nature and soapstone, which finds its perfect partner in the light, protective and eco-sustainable material for the packaging made by Grifal and supplied to Lavèc by Pentapack.

Lavéc is a company from Sondrio that works with soapstone to make traditional Valmalenco pots, and other stone products, such as cooking plates, bowls and glasses.

“I decided to rediscover this ancient craft that was being lost and I work soapstone on the lathe, following the teachings that have been handed down from father to son for five generations now”, says Nicola Bagioli, owner and craftsman of Lavéc.

The goal is to create quality products, unique and above all completely natural because no external chemical component is used, but the rock is left completely bare to allow 100% natural cooking of the food.

The choice of soapstone is due to the incredible characteristics of this rock: it is in fact a stable material that does not release external substances to the food, but rather enhances its flavor; it also retains heat for a long time and cooks food at a uniform temperature.

Why the choice of cushionPaper™?

Producing completely natural products and sending them in a box full of plastic was an unacceptable thing: the customer received our products packed in bubble wrap and protected with polystyrene, finding himself so much plastic that he had to dispose of.

Hence the interest in cushionPaper ™, ready-to-use paper packaging, made of recycled and FSC® and PEFC ™ certified material, reusable and finally recyclable in normal separate paper collection. Lavéc purchased cushionPaper ™ from Pentapack, a business partner for packaging materials.

“We have chosen to collaborate with Grifal, in particular for the cushionPaper ™ material because it is totally in line with our corporate philosophy increasingly focused on eco-sustainability”, says Roberto Lenoci, co-owner of Pentapack.

In this way it is possible to send the products in sustainable packages, protected by recycled and recyclable material because whoever chooses a completely natural product, such as our Lavéc or a plate, is a person who loves nature and himself and together we try to protect the our planet better.

Furthermore, thanks to cushionPaper ™, when the customer opens the package, he immediately understands the love and attention we have towards nature.

Here are the advantages found in using cushionPaper™ compared to plastic:

Economic saving:

With the same packs packed with bubble wrap and polystyrene, with cushionPaper ™, we have found an economic saving.

Best repairs products:

Nicola Bagioli tells us that they were initially hesitant in choosing cushionPaper ™ to pack shipments because the products that are shipped are both delicate and relatively heavy, and therefore there was the fear that the protection was insufficient. Instead, trying the product they realized that it protects even more than traditional plastic packaging.