Union Cart Consortium and Grifal sign an agreement for the distribution of the green packaging product line cushionPaper ™, cArtù® Thermo-reflective and cArtù® Bottle Saver.

Roberto Lenoci, President of the Union Cart Consortium, describes better than anyone else the context that led to the launch of such a significant collaboration:

“Our main aim is to give quality support to the members of the Consortium. We promote inclusiveness and loyalty. Some members have had a hard time during the pandemic but, all together, we have managed to hold the helm. For these reasons too. , we are very selective with the companies as well as with the packaging products we choose to represent.

cushionPaper ™ is not just a product. It is a concept, it is green in the truest sense. It is packed with features. It can replace plastic in many applications. We do not want suppliers, distributors or customers to give weight only to the price component. The philosophy behind a consortium, and which looks forward to the growth of the green packaging segment, is more important. “

For many but not for everyone

The Consortium was founded in 1996 and is the longest-running reality of this type on the Italian packaging scene. 19 between partners and affiliates have shared significant skills, from the agro-food sector to the industrial one, to create a commercial force of absolute importance.

To protect the value for professional customers and the final consumer, a technical team of experts from the Union Cart Consortium selects the best packaging products and a regulatory and certification system checks their quality. Only in this way are lasting relationships of trust created.

Agreement across the board

Strategic partnership that also satisfies Luca Cerbone, Italy Sales Manager cushionPaper ™:

“The agreement with Union Cart is based on a profound communion of values, first of all the growing importance of the environmental sustainability of packaging. The Consortium, with its associates, also guarantees a widespread presence throughout the national territory and the seriousness and professionalism we seek in our partners. “

Consortium members will have the opportunity to distribute Grifal’s full range of “Green Packaging Products”:

  • cushionPaper ™: the one-of-a-kind corrugated cardboard for clamping, wrapping, separating and protecting products;
  • cArtù® Termoriflettente, thermal boxes that allow the transport of perishable foodstuffs due to the temperature change;
  • cArtù® Bottle Saver, the newest solution for safely packing and shipping glass bottles and jars, tested in compliance with the most stringent international protocols in force.

Thank you Union Cart because, together with us, you are helping to protect the environment and the world we live in!

cushionPaper Consorzio Union Cart LCA green packaging imballo ecosostenibile