No, eco-sustainable packaging can no longer wait. Choosing packaging that does not respect the environment is anachronistic, as well as wrong.

Caoscreo, TGroup’s laboratory of ideas dedicated to quality testing, with the aim of offering design objects that are simple, original, accessible and suitable for any environment, knows this.

caoscreo orologio da parete imballo

cushionPaper ™ signs the green packaging of Can’t Wait, a metal wall clock, designed by Origami Steel Studio for Caoscreo. When it comes to packaging, many different challenges can lurk around the corner. Particular shapes or delicacy of the products, or their weight and size, just to name a few.

caoscreo orologio da parete con cushionpaper

A wall clock, with irregular shapes, protected thanks to two solutions in corrugated sheets and a sturdy outer box.

A sheet, in fact, acts both as a base and as a wrapping for the body of the product. A second sheet, cut much narrower and arranged longitudinally, ensures that the thin pendulum does not bend due to the difference in thickness from the main structure.

Time passes, good packaging solutions remain

cushionPaper™ demonstrates its ductility, lightness and resistance also to protect irregularly shaped, delicate or fragile products, of the most disparate dimensions, making them ready to face the stresses that logistics generates from the moment a customer completes an order via eCommerce.

Without sacrifices in terms of sustainability, thanks to the independent Life Cycle Assessment study which certifies:

  1. the use of raw materials from FSC® and PEFC ™ sources,
  2. the complete reusability and recyclability of the packaging,
  3. savings of up to 80% of CO2, with the same volume in the production phase, compared to traditional packaging in old corrugated cardboard or plastic.
can''t wait orologio da parete

TGroup & Grifal, an increasingly strategic collaboration

Since 1967 Terenzi Srl is the S. Giuliano Milanese company specialized in the processing of metals and plastics. Founder of TGroup, the technical, design and production heart that has expanded its sphere of activity also in the following sectors:

  • design
  • lighting technology
  • furnishing accessories, always in recyclable metal with the Caoscreo brand
  • surfaces for architecture and contract thanks to Planium Srl, the second TGroup company.

To purchase cushionPaper ™, TGroup makes use of Ratioform, a business partner with an international presence and specialized in the distribution of packaging.