Azienda Agricola Reggiana, an Emilian company founded in 1988 and winner of 6 gold medals at the recent National Wine Competition of Pramaggiore, has chosen the packaging products of the Grifal cushionPaper ™ line to safely store, handle and ship its bottles of fine wine.

“We are extremely attached to the traditions of the area, where we grow more than 12 varieties of grapes – says Fabio Coloretti, Partner of the company – and we want the packaging to reflect the care for quality and respect for the environment.”

Hence the interest in cushionPaper ™, ready-to-use paper packaging, made of recycled material and FSC® and PEFC ™ certified, reusable and finally recyclable in normal separate paper collection.

Both, Azienda Agricola Reggiana and Grifal, are very attentive to safeguarding and protecting the environment. For this reason in Emilia Fabio Coloretti has decided to eliminate plastic from its packaging and has chosen cushionPaper ™:

“With an annual production volume of over 150,000 bottles and eCommerce as a growing form of purchase, the growth potential is significant. However, we wanted a product that could be practical and that would replace the anti-ecological polystyrene wine cellars. or the pre-formed shipping boxes for which the instruction manual was required every time, in view of the complexity of assembly. With cushionPaper ™ we have finally solved these problems. “

cushionPaper ™ reinvents corrugated cardboard and wins the challenge of sustainability with respect to all the most popular products for packaging, from plastics such as bubble film to traditional corrugated cardboard. With the same volume, it reduces CO2 emissions, avoids problems related to disposal and reduces the amount of paper needed to make a sheet by up to 70%.