For over 70 years, the Ronci family has been producing the homonymous Umbrian oil of high quality, extra virgin and organic, on the hills of Bevagna in the province of Perugia. A place inserted among the most beautiful villages in Italy, Terra dell’Olio and Sagrantino.

The protection of the landscape is vital: through the care of the olive groves, with a deep knowledge and respect for the territory, a great contribution comes in terms of safeguarding the ecosystem as well as extraordinary results such as the quality of the oil, honey and natural cosmetics produced. from the Azienda Agraria e Frantoio Ronci.

panorama e terreni del Frantoio Ronci

A high quality, extra virgin and organic olive oil, respects the environment thanks also to an eco-sustainable packaging

Simona and Roberta, the third generation, share the leadership of the family business with their parents. All operations, starting from those “in the field” such as organic fertilization, are handled personally. Roberta Ronci talks about their passion for the quality of work and of the product:

“The strength of our company is to look after the plants with the art, love, patience and virtue of our predecessors, improving their quality, observing and pursuing more and more advanced techniques to make our Umbrian extra virgin olive oil and our name synonymous with high quality.

Environmental protection must also concern packaging, the business card of the product, to which a growing number of customers are rightly paying attention. This is also demonstrated by the growth in distance selling, where the protection and presentation of bottles and cans of oil is essential.

To be in line with our philosophy, a packaging must consider the naturalness of its materials, easy recycling and reuse.

Roberta Ronci, intervista al Frantoio Ronci
imballo di una latta di Olio Ronci con cushionPaper™

cushionPaper ™ for Azienda Agraria and Frantoio Ronci proved to be a resistant and versatile packaging product. Its waves of special cardboard, made from FSC® and PEFC ™ certified raw material, are up to 50% higher than traditional corrugated cardboard on the market and generate a much greater damping capacity.

cushionPaper ™ is supplied by Electa Imballaggi, a business partner specialized in the distribution of packaging products and machines.

infografica riduzione co2 cushionPaper™