A family project in harmony with nature

Api su Ape was born from a passion of the brothers Beatrice and Gianluca: they created a company, based in Limbiate (MB), which feeds and describes day after day the fascinating world of bees and the art of beekeeping.

One of the cornerstones of their project is to tell everything that is behind a jar of honey. For each type of honey there is an identity card that explains in detail where it was produced, many curiosities, the sensory profile and some suggestions in the kitchen.

This philosophy makes it possible to communicate and make the public appreciate the importance of an eco-sustainable art with immense naturalistic and food value such as beekeeping, essential not only for the production of honey but also for the survival of biodiversity.

The eco-sustainable choice of cushionPaper™

A reality attentive to environmental protection like Api su Ape could only choose cushionPaper ™, a resistant and 100% green, recyclable, eco-sustainable product, made with FSC® and PEFC ™ certified paper, supplied to them by Poliedro Imballaggi.

Api su Ape, imballo di vasetti e bottiglie
Api su Ape, imballo di un vasetto di miele

Gianluca and Beatrice, Api founders on Ape tell us:

“We could not find a better packaging solution for our products. Sustainable, simple and easy to use. Thanks to cushionPaper ™, we can safely ship packages without harming the environment.”

The rare honey sample of the territory

The bifloral maple and linden honey of Api su Ape, for example, one of the four types of honey produced in the last year, won the prize for the best rare honey of Lombardy at the “Grandi Mieli di Lombardia” competition.

This honey is called this way because the bees naturally composed it by choosing 50% maple nectar and 50% lime nectar. Tasting it you can feel the presence of lime to which a decidedly softer nuance is added, similar to a caramelized syrup which, combining with the balsamic and the freshness of the lime, gives rise to a very pleasant profile.

Packed and shipped safely with cushionPaper ™, this special honey also helps to drastically cut CO2 emissions by avoiding the need for traditional corrugated cardboard or plastic materials. Making and using each box of cushionPaper ™ saves over 20kg of carbon dioxide!

infografica riduzione co2 cushionPaper™