The online sale of wine, spirits and Champagne continues its run. According to data from the Nomisma Wine Monitor report, the first half of 2021 recorded a new record. The value of online purchases, in fact, marks a staggering + 351% compared to the same period of 2020.

GLUGULP!, the store dedicated to Champagne that offers the largest assortment in the world, is an Italian reality that maximizes many of the strengths of the enological eCommerce. From simplifying the purchase of quality products, to a catalog that is always updated and available, with an eye for environmentally friendly green packaging solutions.


“Attention to the environment is an essential value for us – says Roberta Longhi, Marketing & Communication Manager of GLUGULP! – This is why we have chosen eco-sustainable packaging for shipments, which is both reliable and protective.

In this sense, cushionPaper ™ fully satisfies our packaging needs: easy to use, flexible, resistant and easily adapts to the Champagne bottles that we pack and ship every day. Furthermore, being produced in recycled and recyclable paper it is perfectly aligned with our idea of ​​eco-sustainability. “

GLUGULP! is the online store dedicated to the most assorted Champagne in the world. cushionPaper ™ signs the packaging for carefree deliveries

Over 200 producers for 1847 Champagne and Champagne Rosé available online: these are some of the numbers of GLUGULP! which has enriched the fast delivery service thanks to cushionPaper ™. This green packaging product, supplied to GLUGULP! from Polipack, completes the packaging to protect the bottles during all the logistics steps, from storage to the various transport phases.

GLUGULP! has chosen plastic-free packaging, created with FSC® and PEFC ™ certified papers and easily recognizable thanks to an original design. There is no better opportunity to make a great impression by shipping Champagne bottles in shock-absorbing, resistant and environmentally friendly packaging:

infografica riduzione co2 cushionPaper™