Duroc Gin was born in 2019 from the intuition of the founders Andrea Bassan and Riccardo D’Amaro, already engaged for many years in entrepreneurial activities on the Food & Drink and eCommerce markets.
For the packaging of the fine gin bottles, in the three formats of 200 ml, 700 ml and 3L, Duroc has chosen cushionPaper ™ thanks to the distributor Pentapack, the reference business partner for products and packaging materials.

Riccardo D’Amaro, Co-Founder of Duroc Gin, explains the reason for this choice based on precise needs for protection and eco-sustainability:

“Even though Duroc is part of a world of fire and flames, the ecological aspect has always been in focus. Sending a product is not simply sending an object to someone but bringing something of yours to the customer’s home … as if it were a part of you and, in a modern perspective, with 24h shipping and super fast logistics services we could not certainly use plastic or derivatives. After 10 years of e-commerce experience with two other brands (King Cup Coffee and BBQ KING), through DUROC we wanted from the first bottle sold to use cushionPaper ™ which, thanks to its ‘shock-absorbing thickness’, softens the blows that the product undergoes during distribution and transport. We also chose cushionPaper because it is modular and divisible: it adapts to any of our boxes. “


Duroc is an exclusive gin, created with ad hoc botanicals and characterized by fresh and citrus aromas, designed both for contemplative consumption and in combination with the barbecue sphere: in fact, the collaboration with the BBQ King brand is also close, for example for marinating of meats or the combination with smoking processes.

Thanks Duroc for the quality union between product and packaging, contributing with cushionPaper ™ also to the reduction of CO2 emissions!

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