Aina Kari – Considered Home Fragrance is a new brand of scented candles that makes quality and sustainability its hallmarks.

The artistic and entrepreneurial intuition of Marina Cighir, Founder of Aina Kari, is not to accept compromises in conceiving, creating and packaging a refined product for demanding customers.

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Hence the strategy of focusing on uniqueness of design and graphics, craftsmanship of glass in Murano, natural ingredients for waxes and fragrances created exclusively for the brand, up to an eco-sustainable presentation and protection packaging.

Starting from FSC® and PEFC ™ certified paper, the production of cushionPaper™ saves two thirds of both CO2 released into the atmosphere and quantity of raw material compared to old packaging solutions in plastic or normal corrugated cardboard.

cushionPaper ™ is used as interior and wrapping for both Retail and
Aina Kari Wholesale:


Marina Cighir, Founder of Aina Kari.

“The high-end market positioning is a challenge of immense fascination for Aina Kari.

Among the many implications, it means creating a team of collaborators and suppliers to whom you can trust and expect the best. Respecting the promises that a unique and refined product makes to the customer is a source of great motivation and satisfaction “says Marina Cighir.

“For Aina Kari’s transport and deliveries we use cushionPaper ™ shock absorbing corrugated cardboard sheets. This choice allows us to share our passion for quality and sustainability with our customers. We are united by the goal of making choices that minimize the consequences on the environment. “

Aina Kari has selected cushionPaper ™ at Vepiucom, distributor of products for packaging, wrapping and protection, based in Ballò di Mirano (VE). In addition to plastic and traditional corrugated cardboard, alternatives based on corn, chipboard and curled paper were excluded.

cushionPaper ™ won the competition not only for the issue of eco-sustainability. The design allows to generate a positive “wow effect” in the crucial moment of unboxing, introducing the customer to the discovery of the primary packaging and then of an intact product. The effectiveness of the protection is expressed to the maximum precisely with fragile and high-value products. Last but not least, logistics aspects such as the significant cut in the volumes and weight of the packaging.

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