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(Thermal insulation)


cArtù® Termoriflettente is the ideal solution, in 100% recyclable paper, to protect and transport any product that needs protection from thermal shocks. The cArtù® wave creates air chambers which, combined with the special heat-reflecting paper, help to maintain the temperature.

The cushioning properties of cArtù® and its disposal in the normal separate waste collection make cArtù® Termoriflettente a complete and reliable solution.

cArtù® Termoriflettente can be used several times and easily recycled in the normal separate waste collection of paper. As a secondary packaging, cArtù® Termoriflettente demonstrates its insulating properties.

  • Reduces the formation of condensation
  • Reduces food waste

It combines the thermal function with its extraordinary shock-absorbing properties for:

  • handling fragile products
  • reducing internal components
  • maximizing the internal volume of the packaging

“How long will the temperature be maintained?”

The variables are numerous and not all predictable, the greater the study of the needs, the more accurate the solution will be. Some examples:

  • volume of products and blanks
  • amount of refrigerants
  • external temperature
  • initial temperature of the products

It is not only a material for isothermal packaging but it brings with it benefits, potentially also very sensitive, in terms of TCO and Go-To-Market:

  • extends the life of products (eg food, pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals) by increasing the opportunities for consumption
  • reaches more distant customers (eg eCommerce) by expanding the market basin
  • save volume by reducing logistics costs

Now let’s stay cool!


The external environment, use cases and applicable regulations can be very different and change over time. For these reasons, each customer is required to identify the best combination of box and interior in heat-reflecting cArtù®, together with refrigerants, according to the products and intended uses. cArtù® Termoriflettente is a secondary packaging, therefore not in direct contact with the products, which are in turn packaged with appropriate primary packaging.

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