FORMATS — sheets and rolls

How are the cushionPaper™ formats different?

  • Paper thickness varies by type, Strong: harder and stronger paper, Light, more flexible paper, Wrap: super light and roll-up.
  • Wave pitch from 10 to 20 mm in order to effectively protect any object.
  • The dimensions (height and width) of the sheet or reel are perfectly suited to any packaging requirement.
  • Pieces per box and per pallet, each format is shipped in convenient boxes.

Choose the cushionPaper™ format that best suits your packaging needs:

  • Filling
  • Separation of products
  • Blocking of products
  • Protection and Winding
  • Extreme flexibility and lightness
  • Adaptation to any shape
  • Shock absorbing properties
  • Resistance to shocks, vibrations, compressions

cushionPaper™ Strong

Hyper-resistant and also foldable, it strongly protects heavier or bulky products.

cushionPaper™ Light

It protects, separates, blocks and cushions any product to be packed, even of irregular shape.

cushionPaper™ Wrap

cushionPaper Wrap

The most flexible solution, in every sense! Ideal for wrapping small or fragile products.

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