cArtu Thermal

cArtù® Thermal is the ideal solution to mitigate the impact of climactic differentials on temperature-sensitive products, and it’s 100% recyclable. cArtù®‘s flutes create air chambers which, combined with the specially coated thermal paper, help to maintain a stable temperature.

The remarkable cushioning properties of cArtù® make cArtù® Thermal a complete and reliable solution.

cArtù® Thermal can be re-used several times before being recycled in normal paper recycling systems. As a secondary packaging, cArtù® Thermal boasts strong insulating properties:

  • reduces the formation of condensation
  • reduces food waste

Combining its thermal function with its cushioning properties:

  • it protects fragile products
  • it reduces the amount of internal components
  • it efficiently fills the internal volume of the container

How long will the temperature be maintained?

There are numerous variables to consider, and they hard to forecast. Here are some of the elements to study:

  • volume of products and voids
  • amount of refrigerants employed
  • expected external temperatures
  • starting temperature of the product

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