cushionPaper ™ supports the sales of packaging distributors with a new catalog of performing and eco-sustainable products. The numerous cushionPaper™ formats are delivered just in time thanks to an integrated logistics agreement.
The sales force of packaging distributors, thanks also to an incentives and lead generation program, can focus on sales!

Less costs,
more opportunities

    • No stock in stock
    • You also clear the financial exposure
    • Don’t burden your structure with logistics
cushionPaper clienti soddisfatti e fedeli

Satisfied customers
and faithful

    • Dedicated logistics for a guaranteed assortment, with many formats ready for delivery
    • Competition with alternative producers
cushionPaper rispetta l'ambiente

More respect
for the environment

    • The material avoids over-used and waste
    • -65% average CO2 emissions compared to plastic packaging
    • -71% average CO2 emissions compared to traditional corrugated cardboard
cushionPaper focus su clienti e vendite

You focus on
Customers and Sales

    • Purchases on sales
    • Maximum transparency and protection of your customers
    • Generation and sharing of commercial leads
    • Marketing support

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